Employer Services

Incite Solutions Group are able to work with employers to implement strategies to:

  • Improve workplace safety
  • Act early if injuries or symptoms arise 
  • Facilitate a speedy return to work following injury

A number of our core services are listed below.

1. Injury Prevention

Ergonomic Services

Our team of allied health professionals utilise their comprehensive knowledge of anatomy, postural assessments and biomechanical principles to perform effective and functional ergonomic assessments. These assessments can be on a per person basis following reports of injury/symptoms or for full workforce screening assessments to ensure all staff are working in an ergonomically sound environment.

Risk Assessment

Our qualified consultant will visit your workplace and conduct a risk assessment - this may be for a particular task, role, variety of roles or the overall workplace. We will identify the risks and make recommendations to reduce the risks in a comprehensive report that references the current legislative requirements.

Employee assistance programs

Employee Assistance Programs assist businesses and their employees to manage both personal and work-related difficulties therefore reducing stress, absenteeism and performance issues in the workplace. Incite Solutions group provides both face to face counselling and telephone counselling.

Our staff have extensive counselling experience.


Our staff have experience developing tailored programs for employers to meet their staff needs. We understand the value in ensuring all staff are supported to undertake their work. Wellness programs can assist to reduce workplace risks, increase staff awareness and provide your staff with the skills to manage a healthy work / life balance. We can assist with the following programs:

  • Health and wellbeing programs
  • Workplace hazard reduction programs
  • Customised in-house programs

2. Early Intervention

Early Intervention

Our early intervention services assist an employer to respond quickly and efficiently to a report of an injury. Early intervention may be required whilst a claim is being processed or in the event a worker has sustained a non-work related injury that is impacting on their ability to work. We provide a guaranteed quick and efficient service aimed at maintaining the worker in the workplace, therefore reducing lost time, identifying suitable duties and developing a plan. We find that early intervention programs reduce lost time/productivity, reduce claims, improve employee wellbeing and therefore outcomes.

Developing and Monitoring Return to Work Plans

Employers may require assistance to develop and monitor a return to work program as part of our early intervention and injury management services. This can be a complex process for employers.  We make it easier by liaising with all parties, developing a clear return to work program and ensuring that everyone is aware of their rights and responsibilities. We monitor the program closely and assist to resolve any small issues before they escalate.  

Case Conferencing

Case Conferencing involves one of our qualified consultants meeting with key parties face to face. We find this particularly useful for developing rapport with all parties and ensuring that all parties have a consistent understanding and are headed in the same direction. Case Conferencing with treating General Practitioners has proven to be a useful tool in progressing a ‘stuck’ program.

Worksite Visits

As part of our injury prevention, early intervention and injury management services, we will visit you at your workplace to gain a greater understanding of your business, work environment and job roles. This facilitates a greater understanding of your needs enabling us to ensure that we get it right.

3. Injury Management

Complex case management / Long tail claims 

Incite Solutions Group staff have extensive experience in working with complex claims. We acknowledge and understand that these claims are challenging and often involve other factors such as permanent impairments, secondary illnesses or injuries, traumatic or long term psychological illnesses, complex workplace issues, de-conditioning and limited vocational options. Our approach involves:
  • initial comprehensive identification of barriers, using evidence based tools
  • clear case management
  • frequent stakeholder communication
  • the use of regular case conferencing
  • Engagement of all parties to identify clear strategies to move forward


We are able to assist employers in supporting their employees during restructure, redeployment or redundancy. We can provide employees with vocational counselling, support, goal setting and tailored job search programs.

Work trials

A Work Trial Placement, or work training provides a worker with the opportunity to return to work at a different workplace. This is considered when it has been determined that the pre-injury employer does not have suitable duties available. The benefit of a work trial is that the worker is able to build their capacity, develop new skills, increase their experience, make contacts in a new employment area and in most cases are provided with a recent reference.