Employment Services


Work Trial

A Work Trial Placement, or work training provides a worker the opportunity to return to work at a different workplace. This is considered when it's been determined that the pre-injury employer does not have suitable duties available. The benefit of a work trial is that the worker is able to build their capacity, develop new skills, increase their experience, make contacts in a new employment area and in most cases are provided with a recent reference.

Job Search Training

An assessment is undertaken to determine the worker's skills and previous experience in job seeking.  Where gaps are identified the worker is provided with an individualised program. The program may consist of the following:

  • Resume development / amendment
  • Cover letter writing
  • Selection Criteria
  • Where the jobs are
  • Disclosure of injury
  • Assertiveness
  • Interview skills
  • Presentation
  • Intensive job seeking
  • Labour market research

Job Seeking

Once a clear goal has been established, the worker may then require job seeking assistance.  Our Specialist Consultants are able to provide the most current and localised job seeking assistance available.  With local knowledge, they assist the worker to seek alternative employment as well as assist with building motivation, resumes, interview skills, links to local agencies and provide information on how to locate most jobs available in the labour market.

Labour Market Research

Labour Market Research is an analysis of local employment and occupational specific research, industry liaison, liaison with training institutions and consultation with employers. This service may form part of the vocational assessment process or be undertaken as a standalone service.

Our professional consultants undertaking Labour Market Research have over 10 years’ experience in this area.