Who we work with


We are experienced in working with small, medium and large businesses. We understand the impact of injuries and illnesses on productivity, absenteeism, presenteeism and premiums. Let us help you to reduce the impact on your business.


Want a provider that is efficient, focused on a return to work, regularly communicates with all parties, keeps you up to date and is proactive? Incite Solutions provide services that are in line with claims and management.    

Specialists and General Practitioners 

We work collaboratively, appropriately and efficiently with you and your patient. We keep you informed and have a focus on achieving the best outcome for all.


We understand the complexity of government as an employer and the processes and procedures required. Our staff have previous experience working within government and also in providing early intervention, training and managing Return to Work programs for multiple government departments.


We have extensive experience of working with clients of the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) and understand the unique requirements of both DVA and the Veteran.


We listen, provide support, keep you informed, keep you involved and identify solutions to keep you moving forward.