Getting that Job

Getting that Job

Let’s get started

You have the right qualifications and skills but can’t seem to land a job. The Getting that Job module is designed to help you obtain a job and improve your job search skills.

Through this module, an assessment of your resume and cover letter will be conducted, and you will be coached on your job search and interview skills to get you job ready.

Step 1:  Before we meet, please complete this quiz so we can get to know you, explore what roles, industries, work types and environments you are open to in the future.

Are you ready for work?

Step 1:  Before we meet, please complete this survey so we can get to know you a little better.

Resume Development

Your resume is the most important tool when applying for a job. Despite having the qualifications or experience for the job if you have a poorly presented or badly written resume. It may hinder your chances of getting the job or landing an interview.

Step 2: Work through the related resources to help you draft or improve your resume to get you job ready.

Cover Letter Development

Your resume lists your skills, qualifications, and experience. Your cover letter is where you showcase what you will bring to the role or the organisation.

Step 3:  Refer to the Resources section for key tips & hints on cover letter writing and to view exemplars.

Job Search

Exploring and browsing job listings from a variety of sources will greatly improve your job searching journey.

Step 4: We have listed a variety of job search websites and resources you can consult when job searching; check them out in our Resources section.

Build a Network & Networking

Browsing for job listings online is not the only method to getting a job. You can utilise your networks to tap into a hidden job market. The hidden job market refers to a term used to describe jobs that aren’t advertised or posted online.

Step 5: To build your networking skills and curate your own network, utilise the resources listed.

Interview Preparation

Everyone experiences interview nerves; being well prepared will help overcome the jitters and build your confidence.

Step 6:  Refer to the interview prep/mock interview resource to help you prepare and build your interview skills.

The Final Check

You should now feel more prepared to continue your job searching journey.

Step 7: Go through the Getting that Job Your Personal Checklist, to ensure you have completed all the necessary steps you need to get that job.


Incite Solutions Group is delighted to support you as you actively work towards getting that job. To help, we have assembled a range of practical resources to help you on this journey:

Resume Development
The Application
Interview Preparation/Mock Interview
Job Search Resources
Getting that Job