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Life in Focus Supporting Young Veterans’ Families with Wellness & Career Guidance

To address a growing need, the Life in Focus pilot program is a joint venture between Legacy WA, Dial an Angel Perth, and Incite Solutions Group to provide targeted services to young veterans’ (post-1999 service) partners and children (15-25 years of age) and equip them with skills and resources for vocational success. Funded through the Department of Veterans’ Affairs’ Supporting Young Veterans Grant program, Life in Focus offers wellness and life skills modules delivered by Dial an Angel Perth and vocational and career guidance modules delivered by Incite Solutions Group.

We understand every individual is travelling through their career journey at different rates: whether you are a high school student, university graduate or have been working for a few years. Life in Focus offers modules that reflect the stage you are at on your career journey. At Incite Solution Group we have extensive experience in supporting the veteran community, where you will be coached by our qualified and experienced vocational consultants who understands your family’s situation.

Through the tailored program you will gain valuable life skills, vocational education support via ATAR or VET subject and pathway planning, and career support on know-hows for job searching and industry placement opportunities. The program will take place over 3-6 weeks for up to five hours consultations that takes place either in person or virtually online.

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