Team Manager
Senior Rehabilitation Consultant
Exercise Physiologist

B Sc (Exercise Physiology)

Dylan brings drive and enthusiasm to every interaction. With a particular passion for, and expertise in, injury management, injury prevention and workplace health and wellbeing, Dylan offers valuable insights for clients and workplaces.

Dylan has worked with many clients under both state and national schemes and is qualified in delivering Physical Work Performance Evaluation’s (PWPE).

An open and warm communicator, Dylan is a big believer in everyone working collaboratively towards sustainable return to work interventions.

As a leader, the good-natured, benevolent and harmonizing environment Dylan creates within the Incite team is perfectly balanced with his quick-witted and infectious humour. Dylan’s customers enjoy his considered, detailed and practical approach to all that he does, understanding the importance of catering to the unique but equally important nuanced preferences of each customer and client as individuals and being able to coach his team to the same effect.

Workplace conflict can be one of the greatest causes of employee stress which can then impact on performance and productivity. We can help you address conflict early to prevent workplace issues from escalating.