Assessing The Jobs Market

Deciding what type of role and within what type of industry to apply for work in can often be the hardest part of finding meaningful employment.

Spreading your search too wide and applying for every job available is a common mistake that can happen when looking for work.  In other cases we have seen individuals set their heart on a particular position where the competition is highly competitive or in a industry which has little to no presence in the local region.

These are challenges we have seen many a client face. Fear not! We are here to help with useful tools, quizzes and industry information to assist with finding the right job for you.



Job Goals

Your Rehabilitation Consultant will talk through your job history with you during your initial assessment. As we move through your rehabilitation journey we will also talk about your actual job goals, this is called a vocational assessment.

Your Consultant will let you when this will be and it will be something we will only undertake when everyone feels you are ready to do so.

All job goal setting through the vocational assessment procedure is unique to you and provides a clear, well considered and balanced pathway towards further study and/or employment.

In the mean time there are simple and effective job goal assessment tools you can look at if you are interested in what the right job for you might potentially look like.

Click on the links below to find out more, take a career quiz or just see some interesting information on the local economy in your area.


Approach to market

The link below will take you to a wealth of information dedicated to approaching the employment market in your region and the different ways you can approach employers when looking for work.

The Hidden Job Market and Job Search Strategies

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Useful resources

Skills Audit Checklist (Assessment)

The skills audit checklist can be used to help you work out the things you can and currently cant do. It is a useful tool to assess your current capabilities.

The below links will take you to page with duties and descriptors that typify the duties that are normally conducted in each named industry.

You can click on the link to learn more about the duties in each vocation, they may also assist you when writing your resume or a selection criteria for a job within that particular industry.