Social Activities

Social Activities

A part of your rehabilitation journey will also involve what you do with your time outside of your engagement with Incite Solutions Group.

We appreciate that everyone has different interests and have thought at varying times about the best way to get into that particular hobby or activity that sticks out for you.

To help with this we’ve compiled a list of sporting activities, events, hobbies and crafts that are local to the Perth area and are open to taking on new members.

We’ve included a link to each respective page which includes a how to for registering your interest but if you get stuck please don’t hesitate to speak to your rehabilitation consultant or one of the employment team and we will assist you.


AFL Club Finder


Football West


Cricket Teams in WA


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Tennis Clubs in WA

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Sea Kayak Club

Sea Kayak Club plans and coordinates a variety of paddling events for it’s members allowing them to participate in recreational sea kayaking activities ranging from leisurely trips on rivers and inlets and sheltered coastal waters to demanding adventure paddling in the open ocean plus expedition trips to remote areas in the north west of the state. The emphasis on all club paddles is on safety and risk minimisation and the club has comprehensive safety guidelines in place based on Paddle Australia Standards. Club events take place in a supportive group environment allowing members to share their accumulated skills and experience and provide support and assistance where required.


There are many Yoga types that are offered within Perth that can offer different levels of challenge. Please look at THIS article to gain a brief overview as to the differences that exist between yoga styles.

You can search for accredited yoga teachers and their schools below, you can also search in your local surburbs using google.

Search Registered Teachers

Classical Guitar Lessons

Located in Carlisle, Classical Guitar Lessons is solely dedicated to teaching guitar as it relates to its origins in Spain. Regardless of your age or level of playing, Classical Guitar Lessons will guide you through your journey to help develop your certainty and confidence in playing.


Castlerock Music Academy

Castlerock Music Academy provides lessons for singing, piano, guitar, bass, and drums in the Rockingham and Cockburn areas. Castlerock Music Academy provides experienced teachers whom will help you achieve your musical goals.



Australian Guitar Institute


Australian Guitar Institute located in Osborne Park is taught by the experienced Frank Maceri. The Australian Guitar Institute is geared towards any student of any level wanting to learn the guitar in a fun and stress free environment.



Freo Guitar School

Freo guitar school caters towards genres of guitar playing form classical to contemporary death metal. Teachers at Freo guitar school cover all ages and levels predominantly in an one-on-one tuition environment.



West Coast Music School

West Coast Music School provides uniquely tailored approach to your piano learning journey. West Coast Music School teaches all levels from individuals wanting to pursue exams to those wanting to play for fun.

Venture Photography

Venture Photography provides workshops for beginners wanting to improve and develop their photography skills.


Mark Gray Photography

Learn photography in a one day workshop that allows individuals to capture professional quality landscape photographs. These workshops are aimed towards beginner level individuals  to serious hobbyists.


Shoot Workshops

Shoot provides various workshops and courses to teach individuals whom are interested in photography, beginners, intermediates, and advanced levels.

Matters of Taste – South Perth

Matters of Taste provides a wide range of cooking classes catered towards an individuals taste and interest. Aimed to develop the culinary skills of all levels, you will be able to learn new techniques and be confident in your cooking skills.


The Cooking Professor

Learn cooking from professionals that specialise in all types of cuisines. Classes are catered to all levels and include cuisines from different regions of the Middle East, Europe and Asia.


Everyone Can Cook

Classes held by Everyone Can Cook are largely based on Italian Cuisine. Catered towards all levels you will find value and develop skills through these classes.

The Joy of Wood

The Joy of Wood provides the only place in Perth dedicated solely to teaching traditional woodworking hand skills and techniques to people of all ages. These are the kinds of skills which have proven themselves for centuries!

The Hammer Works

The Hammer Works can help you move closer to achieving your goals when it comes to producing your own custom parts and panel work. Learn skills in hand-forming panels for custom work, auto body repair, Hot Rods and auto restoration. Develop skills to complete panels for body work, bike tanks and the tricks to compound curves.

Contemporary Metal

Contemporary Metal offers a wide range of jewellery tuition, both for the novice and experienced maker. Short masterclasses, beginners and advanced skills groups, specialised techniques workshops, and many visiting artists will ensure you can learn just what you need.


Here you will find all the information you need regarding chess in Western Australia. The site primarily caters for registered CAWA chess players be they Senior or Junior. But if you are an unregistered player, casual player or even an interested visitor feel free to look around. Perhaps after viewing the CAWA site you may wish to join the CAWA.

See also Chess Coaching if you are interested in developing your skills in the game of chess.