Employability refers to the process of being able obtain and then maintain personally fulfilling and sustainable work on an ongoing basis.


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Your employability depends on three things: Your knowledge (What you know), your skills (ability to perform a task based on your knowledge on a consistent basis), and your attitudes (how you mentally approach a task).


We can help you build your employability skills using the  Incite Solutions Group 5 stage plan.

This structure aims to focus your approach to the job market, choose the right tools when approaching an employer and to deliver a stand out interview and then keep the job.



Stage 1 – Assessment

In this stage we assess your wants regarding employment and the skills you currently have in your approach to the employment market.

Stage 2 – Resume

Guided by your experiences and personal goals, we will help you develop a resume aimed at your next employer.  We will provide our knowledge and resources to ensure your experiences and skills are prominent within your documents.

Stage 3 – Application Stage

At  this stage you are ready to apply for positions that you are interested in. We will guide, mentor and support you during this phase to maximise the targeting and quality of your applications to employer

Stage 4 – Interview Stage

We will prepare you for interview, providing interview techniques, examples to use and a mock interview if required to test your confidence, presentation and communication skills.

Stage 5 – Getting and keeping the job

Once you have received an offer from the employer we will support your transition into the workforce as you continually develop your independence.

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