Application Stage

Applying for work

So we have decided what industry or industries we will be looking for work in and either on your own or with the help of the Incite Solutions Team we have put together a resume which is the right fit for you and is targeted to potential employers you would be interested in working for.

What comes next?

We need to begin actively approaching the market!

The Incite Solutions Group Employment Services Team recommend the following approach when you reach this stage.

” To undertake at least one piece of job related activity per day, this could be something as in depth as completing a full online employer application and selection criteria, to something as simple as dropping in a resume to the manager of an employer you would like to work for.

Try to mix up in depth activities that take lots of time with simple straightforward activities to keep your job search interesting and engaging.”

We have included a number of  resources below to assist with applying for work, including examples of well completed application form, how to guides to employer calling and preparing applications, there is also a handy job diary to help you keep track of your applications for follow up.

There is no magic formula for finding work, consistency of activity, a quality employer targeted approach and submitting a variety of applications on a regular basis will provide you with opportunities to meet employers face to face.

In our experience lots of opportunities lead to results!

If you would like to discuss applying for work and what the best approach for you is, please speak to your Rehabilitation Consultant or a member of the Employment Services Team (Dan and Sally)

Job search websites

You can find below links to the most common job search website in WA and also some more specific ones related to government, upcoming projects and some of the top employers in WA.


LinkedIn is the best site to go to if you’re looking for white collar jobs and senior roles. About 1 in 4 Australians are registered members of LinkedIn, which means there’s around 6 million Aussie users in total. You can create a public or private resume or connect with employers and colleagues.

Jobs become tailored to you based on your job searches, and you can subscribe to certain companies to remain updated on what positions they have available. LinkedIn is also a fantastic way to keep in touch with current and former colleagues, and network with leaders in your relevant industry.


AllJobs is a real-time, meta-crawling job service. You can look for jobs in your area across Australia by job title, description, company name, state, suburb, or region. You can also search for jobs in New Zealand.

APS Jobs

APS Jobs is a government website which offers jobs from Australia’s public service sector. If you want to work in the federal or central government, this site is for you. It’ll also link you to vacancies in the Australian Parliamentary Service (APS) and other Australian Government agencies. You can sign up for job alerts and save job ads to apply later.

Australian JobSearch

Australian JobSearch is another government website for job seekers. You can search for short-term or contract work, part-time or full-time positions, local government jobs, as well as traineeships and apprenticeships. The site also offers information on how to find training and employment services programs, occupation and industry statistics, and job application tips.


ArtsHub is the perfect job board for you if you’re looking for work in the arts, cultural, or creative industries. These include roles in visual arts, architecture, design, performance, and publishing. If you want to apply for jobs, a paid membership is required. The site also features an events calendar and a listing for grants.


Careerjet is a job site where you can find a wide variety of roles. It sources over 40 million job ads from more than 25,000 quality websites from around the world. You can look for jobs in Australia’s metropolitan and regional areas, as well as in other countries. You can also search for jobs by industry.


CareerOne provides thousands of general jobs, plus company profiles, career advice, job hunting tips, employment updates, online courses, and support in writing and building resumes.


Glassdoor is a fast-growing job site, with thousands of jobs ads and a database containing millions of employee reviews, benefits reviews, and salary reports for companies. You can read these before you apply to work for a particular company.


Gumtree is the number one classifieds site in Australia. You’ll find tens of thousands of jobs here, including jobs with small businesses. You can also search for jobs in health, sales, retail, and construction.


There are millions of job ads on Indeed which is generated from thousands of job boards, company websites, classifieds, and newspapers. It also has the most candidates compared with other job sites, making it a favourite of many employers. You can upload your resume and allow employers to find your online profile.


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Thousands of job ads are posted daily on which are paid for by employers looking to connect with the professionals across Australia, it is the go to site for the general public and employers across the nation.

Public Transport Authority

Image result for perth transport authority images

The Public Transport Authority has a wide range of positions and careers available for individuals wanting to work in a professional major public organisation. From train guards, cleaners and drivers to mechanical engineers, structural designers and safety managers the Public Transport Authority is a diverse organisation full of opportunities for the right people.

Rio Tinto

Image result for rio tinto image

Careers website for Rio Tinto, one of the three biggest mining and civil employers in WA

BHP Billiton

Image result for bhp billiton image

Careers website for BHP Billiton, one of the three biggest mining and civil employers in WA


Image result for FMG image

Careers website for FMG, one of the three biggest mining and civil employers in WA

WA Police

Careers website for WA Police, who employ both sworn offices and administrative staff to support their operations on the ground.


Image result for westrac image

Careers website for Westrac, the biggest supplier of project management equipment, resources and people in WA to the civil, construction and mining industries.

Job trials

Maybe it has been a little while since you last held paid employment, it could be that the area of industry you are now looking for work is is completely new to you, or maybe you just feel like you need to build your confidence again in a working environment.

Whatever the reason Incite Solutions Group can actively support you in this area. We have relationships with a number of key employers in WA and can offer 12 weeks work placements within a selection of well known employers in WA.

Below you can find a link to our job’s board which showcases the placements and potential opportunities available each month for our clients who need them most.

Click HERE for a list of job postings