Career Counselling & Assessment

Career Counselling & Assessment

The Life in Focus program provides targeted services to young veterans’ families to equip them with skills and resources for career success.

If you are unsure of your career direction or seeking for a career change, this module is for you. Through the Career Counselling and Assessment module you will identify vocational options that aligns to your vocational interest. The outcome is a personalised and tailored pathway plan.

Let’s get started – careers

Prior to your first session with our vocational consultants, you would need to complete the following questionnaire. We would utilise your response to undertake a vocational assessment, where your skills and capabilities are assessed to the labour market and your desired career pathway.

Step 1:  Before we meet, please complete this quiz so we can get to know you, explore what roles, industries, work types and environments you are open to in the future.

Heading in the right career direction

Job search and labour market analysis are both crucial investigation skills that can help you navigate your vocational journey. The homework guide will assist you in honing your skills to get you on course to achieving your desired career direction.

Step 2:  Please complete the labour market and study guide quiz so we can learn a little more about you the jobs/roles that are currently in demand/needed by the local market and how they match up with your study plans and career pathway.

Step 3: Once completed, our employment consultants will utilise your responses to the questionnaire and work with you to develop your tailored pathway.


Here at Incite Solutions Group, we are here to help you on your journey.  Part of that journey involves doing some more of your own independent enquiry.  To help you along the way, we are delighted to share with you some useful resources to assist your subject career pathway journey.

Learning & Career Pathway Document