Who we help

Incite Solutions Group works with employers, insurers, general practitioners, specialists, military personnel, government departments and individuals.

We work collaboratively to get the best results for all involved in return to work programs, injury prevention and career guidance.

No situation is too complex. We’re experts in connecting people and creating solutions.

We’re focused on people

We want to see people participating fully in their lives – while at work and during their leisure time. All our services are tailored to meet the individual needs of our clients. Specifically, we help:

People with injuries – we’re here to listen, support, assess, and identify the right solutions to keep you moving forward.

Ex-military – we understand the challenges faced by ex-military service personnel, and we are experienced in working with DVA to support our veterans.

People looking for work – we’ll assess your transferable skills, work capacity and help you create viable job options including researching the local labour market.

Employers and insurers – we’ll provide tailored and efficient services, regular communication and a proactive approach.

Health practitioners  – we’ll keep you regularly and appropriately updated on your patient’s progress, with a focus on achieving a sustainable outcome.

”The most positive thing is I can still use all my skills and I feel appreciated.” — Carolina, client