Helping people look for work

Finding work

Finding work in a tough labour market can be challenging for even the most qualified among us. Often, not knowing where to start can hold you back from achieving your next career goal.

We can help guide your career direction. Our team will ask you the right questions and use realistic tools to explore the local labour market, understand your skills and explore your options.

Seeking a new direction

When it’s time to move on or explore a new career direction, we’ll use a transferable skills analysis, vocational assessment and vocational counselling to explore your attributes and experience. You’ll be surprised at the alternative employment pathways that could match your skills.

School leavers

After leaving school, it’s not unusual to feel overwhelmed by the task ahead. Together, we can identify your skills, interests, attributes and passions – then look at gaps in the labour market. We can also train you in resume development, interview skills and job search.


Circumstances sometimes impact on your ability to keep doing the same job. If you’ve found yourself searching for a job but don’t know if you have the skills to meet the labour market needs, we can help. We work with mature-aged job seekers to explore transferable skills and match your interests to labour market gaps. Sometimes, all you need is some confidence and assurance that your skills are transferrable.