Training & Webinars

In addition to our early intervention, workplace and career consultancy and rehabilitation services Incite Solutions Group also offer face to face learning and webinars on a range of psychosocial topics to assist you to get back to better.

Specialised services

Relationship Calibration (Veterans) – In this 8 hour course (spread over 8 weeks) individuals and couples will learn how assemble a psychological tool kit of strategies to assist in maintaining health relationships and develop knowledge and skills to communicate effectively within a relationship.

Resilience… Looking at Work, Stress and Wellness  – In this 4 hour course you will develop an understanding of Work Stress and Wellness and its importance and learn strategies for building resilience.

Resilience….Looking at Individual Wellness – In this 3 hour course you will develop an understanding of Individual Wellness and its importance understand the impact of stress and mental health on resilience and wellbeing.

Mindfulness and Life Management (Back to Better) – In this is 8 hour course you will develop an understanding of Emotional Intelligence and its importance and learn strategies to improve mindfulness.

Memory Conquest – In this 5 week course in consultation with an Occupational Therapist you will see improvements in your memory and concentration and utilise specific strategies to improve attention.

Cog Med – This is a 5 – 10 week course designed to strengthen the users working memory that is essential for daily life, especially for tasks that involve control of attention, learning and problem solving.

Propel Forward… Guiding Life and Career Choices – A life management and career guidance course for young people aged 14-25.

Almost half (45%) of Australians will experience a mental health condition in their lifetime.