Job search skills

If you’re looking for work because you can no longer do your previous job, or you’re seeking a new career direction, we’ll work with you to refine your job search skills.

 A typical program may include:

  • creating or refining your resume or CV
  • writing a strong cover letter
  • writing to selection criteria
  • finding where the jobs are
  • how to disclose your injury (if applicable)
  • building assertiveness
  • refining your interview skills
  • presentation skills
  • undertaking intensive job seeking
  • labour market research.

Defining your job goal

Sometimes the toughest hurdle is being clear on your job goal. We can help with vocational assessments, vocational counselling or a transferable skills analysis.

Once a clear goal has been established, we’ve got essential local knowledge to help you seek alternative employment – we’ll link you to local agencies and provide intel on how to locate jobs available in the labour market.

Plus, we’ll keep you motivated on your job search journey!