Career Guidance & Support

These days, many people experience a variety of careers during their lifetimes. Yet change can be disruptive and your career doesn’t always follow a clear or direct path. Sometimes, difficult circumstances lead to an unexpected career change.

We work with people who are seeking a new career direction – either by choice, or due to significant personal change, such as injury, illness or a redundancy.

Career options

Exploring career options often involves a vocational assessment to examine your options, transferable skills, work capacity and the local labour market. We’ll also talk about your passions, interests, values and barriers.

Identify skills

Your skills go beyond your last job. We’ll look at both your paid and unpaid employment history, your transferable skills and potential alternative employment pathways – which may include further training or study.

Life in Focus Supporting Young Veterans’ Families with Wellness and Career Guidance

To address a growing need, the Life in Focus pilot program is a joint venture between Legacy WA, Dial an Angel Perth, and Incite Solutions Group to provide targeted services to young veterans’ partners and children (15-25 years of age) equip them with skills and resources for vocational success.

“The consultants genuinely took the time to understand what I wanted and assisted me to get there. They made themselves available and supported me through some really challenging times. With their help, I was able to get the work experience I needed leading me into a job within State Government that I love.”
– Jennifer, client