Prevent injuries


Due to the increasing number of Australian workers not only sitting behind a desk, but also performing work duties of a repetitive nature, repetitive strain injuries are a growing area of concern and awareness.

Preventing workplace injuries

All employers have an obligation to keep their staff healthy and safe.

Our expert injury prevention services and training can help you meet – and exceed – your responsibilities, which makes good business sense.

Remember, employee mental health can also result in compensation claims or workplace issues. We provide employee assistance programs and early intervention services , as well as mediation  and counselling services .

Ergonomic assessments

Reduce the burden of injury. Organise an ergonomic assessment:

  • for screening prevention – for individuals or groups
  • following reports of injury or symptoms.

Our team of allied health professionals draw on their knowledge of anatomy, postural assessments, and biomechanical principles to perform effective and functional ergonomic assessments.

Risk assessments

We’ll visit your workplace and conduct a risk assessment for:

  • a particular task or role
  • a variety of existing or new roles
  • the entire workplace.

You’ll receive a comprehensive report with identified risks, recommendations, and the current legislative requirements.


We can tailor a training program to meet your workplace needs. Training may cover a range of topics, such as:

  • health and wellbeing
  • workplace hazard reduction.

Talk to us about your specific needs and we’ll customise an option that works for you.