Return to work and rehabilitation

Each return to work program (RTW) is different. It is based on an individual’s needs, yet always seeks to achieve the goal of getting back to work. Remember, early intervention gets the best results, so contact us as soon as possible if there is an injury at your workplace.

A collaborative process

Our approach to case management is truly collaborative. Together, we assess, plan, implement, coordinate, monitor, and evaluate the options and services required to meet both the employee and employer needs. We also build rapport through face-to-face case conferencing.

We involve health practitioners as well so we’re working towards an achievable outcome.

We’re big believers in solid communication between employees and employers when setting goals, actions and processes. This foundation agreement forms the basis for our ongoing case management.

A typical program

While each RTW program is unique and tailored to individual needs, a typical program may include:

  • assessments – such as an initial needs assessment to better understand work capacity, or a worksite assessment with an occupational therapist to break down tasks and responsibilities
  • a plan – managing a return to work claim can be complex, so a clear plan that is regularly monitored makes everyone aware of their rights and responsibilities
  • counselling – adjusting to an injury, disability or illness can be difficult, so counselling can help during a person’s rehabilitation
  • plan B – if it’s determined that an employee is unable to fulfil the requirements of their pre-injury position, we’ll do a vocational assessment  to determine the most appropriate employment options, and consider:
    • transferable skills
    • functional limitation
    • work capacity
    • education and interests
    • the local labour market
    • specific labour market for the identified options.

Complex cases or ‘long tail’ claims

Incite Solutions Group staff are highly experienced in working with complex claims.

We know more challenging claims often involve other factors such as permanent impairment, secondary illnesses or injuries, traumatic or long-term psychological illnesses, complex workplace issues, de-conditioning and limited vocational options.

For these complex cases, we will:

  • do an initial comprehensive identification of barriers, using evidence-based tools
  • use clear case management techniques, including case conferencing
  • communicate with all parties frequently
  • identify clear strategies to move forward – and make sure everyone is on board.

“For any Navy personnel in Western Australia, I would strongly recommend Elaine, the Senior Workplace Rehabilitation Consultant from Incite Solutions. Elaine is a credit to the VVRS scheme, a credit to Incite, but most importantly she is a credit to herself.”
– Ken, client