B.Sc. (Ex. Phys)

Rehabilitation Consultant
Exercise Physiologist

Kyle is a dedicated Exercise Physiologist with a wealth of experience in clinical exercise and health and wellness roles, particularly within the mining sector. With a keen ability to build rapport with clients and customers, Kyle excels in identifying barriers and swiftly addressing them to create positive momentum towards achieving larger goals. He is known for his proactive approach, working closely with clients to understand their needs and goals, and then taking decisive action to support their progress. Kyle consistently receives positive feedback from stakeholders, who appreciate his attentive listening skills and his commitment to helping them achieve their objectives efficiently and effectively.

Kyle’s Expertise 

  • Understanding client motivations to achieve goals
  • Clinical exercise knowledge
  • Building rapport to successfully address barriers
  • Using ergonomic knowledge to adapt worksite equipment to minimise injuries
  • Worksite Assessments
  • Knowledge of wide variety of workplaces and roles

Special Interest: Physical rehabilitation and using biopsychosocial approach to achieving RTW goals.

Workplace conflict can be one of the greatest causes of employee stress which can then impact on performance and productivity. We can help you address conflict early to prevent workplace issues from escalating.