• April 30, 2018

Our inaugural wellbeing session

Our inaugural wellbeing session

Our inaugural wellbeing session 950 600 Incite Solutions Group

Our team of consultants work passionately every day to ensure our clients have strategies in place assisting to improve their lives. Sometimes we forget to practice what we preach! Our lovely Incite Solutions Directors recently treated our team to a Wellness Session on Stress Less, Live More with Ryoka Elton of Ripple Retreats. Wowee – highly recommend!

Ripple Retreats provide quality service and assist in complementing our already embedded workplace well- being strategies. The ‘Stress Less, LIVE More’ workshop is beneficial for anyone, but is particularly good for those looking for strategies to support the optimum work life balance in this rapidly change world. Ryoka shares secrets and strategies from fields like yoga, positive psychology, meditation and mindfulness to arm you with simple and useable techniques that cultivate wellness and bring a sense of equilibrium to your life. The tools Ryoka provides, are ones that can easily be implementing to our busy daily lives.

Interested to learn more? Ask our consultants today about their experience and benefits of promoting healthy minds and well-being practices into your day!