• May 21, 2018

Working Side by Side with Soldier On

Working Side by Side with Soldier On

Working Side by Side with Soldier On 950 600 Incite Solutions Group

This time last week we had the privilege of meeting with the highly dynamic Shannon Hennessy, Program Coordinator at Solider On. This allowed our team the opportunity to gain a better understanding of all the amazing services Soldier On are providing to Australian service personnel and their families.

A key focus for Soldier On is to facilitate community connection with the experiences of modern day Australian service personnel and their families. Their footprint has rapidly expanded across many states in Australia reaching and providing a wealth of services to Australian Veterans and their families.

Through our discussion with Shannon, the energy and intent of Soldier On’s services were clear – work side by side with those who serve and protect Australia, their families, and help them secure their future. Having coined their services focused on Health and wellbeing, Employment, Learning and Participation, Soldier On are continually adapting to meet the needs of Australian service personnel and their families.

While the focus since Soldier On was established in 2008 had previously been on Australian service personnel and families, late last year, their services extended to all service personnel from National security agencies who have served and continue to serve, side by side the Australian Defence Force. This is pretty amazing! Who wouldn’t want to part of such a great organisation?!

Our team was particularly interested in Soldier On’s services and the close links between what we do in our own business and how complementary these are for the clients we are working with. By working closely with organisations like Soldier On, we can bring a more seamless quality service to more Australian Veterans, which is something we are all very passionate about.

Click here to go to Soldier On website.