• April 23, 2020

Anzac Day Activities & Resources 2020

Anzac Day Activities & Resources 2020

Anzac Day Activities & Resources 2020 1024 512 Incite Solutions Group

The team at Incite Solutions Group recognise that Anzac Day can be a difficult day for many veterans and with the current social isolation restrictions limiting everyone’s capability to access direct social support, it may be helpful to check in with each other over the next week about plans for the day. Alternatively you may also want to contact your Incite Solutions Group Consultant regarding your plans and how you are coping.

Due to COVID 19 we understand that this will no doubt impact on how you would normally acknowledge ANZAC day and therefore we have some identified some activities, resources and supports that may be helpful for you and your family.


Undertaking a craft activity for yourself or with your children can enhance mindfulness, and enhance the connection to ANZAC day, please see below two potential craft activities. The milk cartons can be used to decorate driveways for the Anzac Day Driveway Service if you are participating.

If you are requiring an unrelated activity or need a break, try these virtual tours:


If you would like to watch or listen to the Anzac Day Service being streamed by the ABC or covered by 6PR radio station below are some link you can use:

More details here for ABC RADIO ANZAC DAY SERVICE

Links you can click on for ABC Radio Hobart, ABC TV or ABC Hobart Facebook (with Facebook page live streaming as well).

Locally in Perth 6PR will be streaming on their website 6PR RADIO Stream

Solider On have the following resource:

Driveway at Dawn (press ctrl and click the above image with your mouse to access the link).
We invite you to take part in an incredible social movement called Driveway at Dawn. We’ve partnered with the founders of this movement, a group of volunteers called Aussies and Kiwis for ANZACs to enable each and every one of us to observe the rising of the sun from our driveways on ANZAC Day.Download their app from Google Play or App store which features a virtual candle and synchronised playing of The Last Post at precisely 6am so we can virtually stand side-by-side to show our respect as a nation.

Mates for mates have an app that is to support the Driveway Service which includes a recording of The Last Post. Check out their page for Planning your ANZAC Day.


As we approach this date and even in the immediate days after, some veterans may experience increased difficulty with engaging in conversations or tolerating interactions during appointments. This is referred to as moving out of the window of tolerance which relates to an optimal zone of arousal to be able to manage oneself and thrive in everyday life. If you are feeling these signs of distress, try taking a break and re-directing a conversation to something neutral or positive, or if you are too elevated reschedule a time to re-visit the topic/conversation. This isn’t avoidance, it is assisting you to remaining within your window of tolerance and hopefully expand your window of tolerance gradually over time.

Please reach out if you feel you require more support and if you need help outside of our business hours please contact lifeline on 13 11 14 (24 hrs), Beyond Blue Support Line on 1300 224 636 or Open Arms on 1800 011 046 (24 hrs).