• November 6, 2018

Community Event

Community Event

Community Event 1024 683 Incite Solutions Group

Everyday our Incite Solutions Group experts guide people through their rehabilitation journey- but we don’t do it alone. We work closely with local employers, medical professionals and other service providers to make a lasting difference to people’s lives.

We recently celebrated these connections at our community event. It was an evening to bring together service providers, recognise some of our key employer partnerships who provide invaluable opportunities to many of our Veterans and return to work clients as well as hear firsthand from one of our clients about his journey.

As a rehabilitation provider, we used this opportunity to showcase some of the evidence based tools Incite Solutions Group use when assisting clients through their rehabilitation journey.

Some of the service providers who were able to engage with guests and provide a ‘taster’ of their services included –
• TADWA featuring their Virtual Reality program,
• Horse Horizons highlighting the benefits of Equine Therapy,
• Thrive Clinic including their latest exercise therapy,
• Soldier On promoting their array of services and programs.
We also had The Nutrition Farmacy and Universal Armour available to complement these service providers.

At Incite Solutions Group, we have placed a significant amount of focus on developing key employer partnerships to seamlessly place clients into suitable, supportive work experience and job opportunities. This effort has paid off, with many more of our clients been placed into work trials and employment, as well as more and more employers offering multiple placement opportunities.

Many of the employers we work with started off by supporting our ex-service personnel clients as they could instantaneously see the benefits and genuinely wanted to help. Having invested time into building our knowledge about our key employers’ businesses and their needs, we have simultaneously developed their trust. This has led to these employers also being supportive of our workers compensation and income protection clients.

It is safe to say that we now have relationships with employers who we can simply pick up the phone and discuss where we need support. We are equally interested in their business needs and this assists us to ensure we have mutually beneficial partnerships.

While we acknowledged all of our employer relationships at the event, we chose to formally recognise four of our key employer partnerships for their continued support. Congratulations to Interchange, Skippers Transports, City of Mandurah and the WA Police Force for receiving a 2018 Incite Solutions Group Employer Award! These employers have gone above and beyond to provide work trial and employment opportunities for our clients. They have paved the way for successful, multiple placements and have a genuine interest in supporting Veterans and return to work clients achieve their goals. We are looking forward to continuing to strengthen these employer partnerships and create more opportunities that provide mutual benefits to clients and employers.

The event was all about connecting within our community – building stronger and new connections, as we all have the ability to make a positive difference in the lives of clients. We believe that the more we work together the greater the potential impact!