• February 12, 2018

International Day of Women in Science

International Day of Women in Science

International Day of Women in Science 951 634 Incite Solutions Group

Yesterday was International Day of Women and Children in Science! We thought this would be an ideal time promote and celebrate the achievements of one of our wonderful staff members.

Meet Sarah… Sarah is one of our highly motivated Rehabilitation Officers and Employment Services Consultants who studied her Bachelor in Psychological Science at Griffith University Brisbane and her Post Graduate Diploma in Psychology at Queensland University of Technology. As part of her post graduate studies, Sarah undertook research into Cognitive Bias Medications (CBM) techniques and the effect on risk taking behaviour. Using the scientific method to understand human behaviour and how we process information, has wide reaching implications, both in society and the workplace.

Sarah combines her psychology experience with practical recruitment techniques to get real results. Her special interest is working with people with mental health and psychosocial barriers. She has an in-depth knowledge of hiring practices including applicant management, advertising, interviewing, as well as workforce planning and employee support. All of these skills, interests and experience makes it so easy for our clients, customers and employers to work with Sarah.